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Malcolm Quigg - Concept Art :iconkylerobertshultz:KyleRobertShultz 1 0 The Beast of Talesend - Cover Design :iconkylerobertshultz:KyleRobertShultz 1 6 Who's Afraid... :iconkylerobertshultz:KyleRobertShultz 2 7 Beasthaniel Face Design Sketchdump :iconkylerobertshultz:KyleRobertShultz 2 3 Fate...Destiny...a Horse... (Zootopia Flynn Rider) :iconkylerobertshultz:KyleRobertShultz 6 17 A Political Map of the Afterlands :iconkylerobertshultz:KyleRobertShultz 1 0 Nathaniel Beasley Sketches :iconkylerobertshultz:KyleRobertShultz 0 0
A Very Short Poem
A poem may sound beautiful
And strike a chord in you,
But just because it's poetry
Doesn't mean it's true.
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The Clawthorn Rose - Book Cover :iconkylerobertshultz:KyleRobertShultz 0 0 Lady Cordelia Beaumont :iconkylerobertshultz:KyleRobertShultz 0 0
The Clawthorn Rose - Prologue
And they all lived happily ever after.
The End?
Ha. I wish.
Every story has consequences, you see - fairy tales especially. You can't expect everything to just end happily when an entire country has just woken up from a hundred-year sleep. Or when a queen tries to murder the crown princess on the recommendation of her mirror. Or when giants fall from fifty-foot beanstalks.
The truth is, quite a lot of things happened in all the kingdoms of legend during the period that most people call "happily ever after" - and it wasn't all happy. There were wars and alliances, extinctions and discoveries. The world of stories changed astonishingly in the one thousand and nine hundred years following the end of the last fairy tale. So much so, in fact, that by the 20th century E.A. (Ever After), most people had decided that magic didn't actually exist. It must simply have been made up by the ancients to explain perfectly ordinary things they were too primitive to understand. And after all, nothing wo
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Hi everyone! I'm very happy to announce that my first novel(la), The Beast of Talesend, is now available on Amazon! For the next 5 days, you can download it for free here:…

Thanks, and have a great day!
Hi everyone! I'm back, and plan to start posting more often in the new year. For now, if you like, you can take a gander at my website at I've updated it with a header I painted digitally.
Hey everyone, just wanted to apologize for the recent internet silence. It may be a while before I can post stuff regularly again, due to the holidays and other current craziness. Hoping to get more active on here before too long.
Malcolm Quigg - Concept Art
See Tigryph's wonderful take on this character here: Christmas Gift - KyleRobertShultz by Tigryph

So, as it turns out, guilt is a great artistic motivator. Tigryph was kind enough to tag me in her Christmas project to do drawings of other people's characters, and I somehow didn't pick up on it until two months later. (Yes, I am a horrible person.) So, I whipped up this quick reference of Malcolm Quigg, who's a supporting character in the book series I'm currently working on.

Name: Malcolm Quigg
Age: 61 (as of 1922 E.A. Looks more like thirty-something because fae age slower.)
Species: Owlfae
(Homo fata tyto)

Biography & Description:

Malcolm Quigg is the director of Excalibur, a secret organization devoted to investigating and safeguarding the last remnants of magic in the post-fairy-tale world of the Afterlands. Little is known about his past, as most official records pertaining to him are classified at the highest security level. It is believed that he played a significant role in protecting the United Kingdom of Camelot during the Shadow Wars of the late 1890's. As these conflicts were never publicly acknowledged by the authorities, however, no details of his involvement can be confirmed.

Most people who meet Malcolm at first mistake him for a scholarly, sedate individual. If, however, they are subjects of one of his investigations, their views change rather quickly once they find themselves flown to the top of the nearest building and dangled off the edge of the roof by their ankles. Malcolm is known for his skills in extracting information from people. He is also a master of combat, employing an ancient method of magic-infused martial arts nearly lost to history. The bands around his hands and arms are enchanted to impart a low-level curse with each punch, bending reality and reducing the probability that his opponents will be able to land punches themselves. His spectacles allow him to foresee his opponent's moves a split second before they happen and react accordingly. This fighting style was popular in the dark times after The End, when magic was so weakened that only the least magical of weapons could be used.

So, "tactile", punching magic, in other words, not twiddling fingers and pointing wands like in Harry Potter and other fantasy franchises. In terms of personality, Malcolm is basically what you'd get if Wolverine were placed in charge of Hogwarts instead of Dumbledore. The hair actually isn't meant as a Wolverine reference, though; it's intended to evoke the "horns" on a great-horned owl. There's also some barn owl influence in the color scheme. In the Afterlands, fairies - more accurately referred to as "fae" - are not twinkly little insect people. They're full-size and have bird wings and talons. Fae are divided into subspecies according to the types of birds they share attributes with. So there are also hawkfae, eaglefae, hummingfae, etc.
The Beast of Talesend - Cover Design
This is (I think) the final cover for the first book in my Beaumont and Beasley series. As this story takes place in an alternate 1920's where fairy tales are history, I set out to blend an old-movie, art deco feel with spooky fantasy elements. So far, I'm happy with how it turned out. The book should be published within the next couple of months, if all goes well.
Okay, now for something quite different from my usual fare...I've written a worship song called "Behold the Son". My wonderful praise team back in Pennsylvania helped me make a live recording of it shortly before I moved, and here in Idaho I took lots of wonderful pictures to use as backdrops for the video. Here it is:


I've also made the lead sheet available for purchase, in case anybody out there would like to use this for worship in their own church. You can download it from Gumroad here for five bucks, along with a license that lets you make ten copies:

I hope this blesses you!



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Kyle Robert Shultz
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I'm an author, an artist, and a Christian. I'm currently working on a series called Beaumont and Beasley, which I'd like to illustrate at some point. Llamas will be reciprocated.


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